Freedom 2 Dance Studio

Freedom 2 dance studio
Ballroom and lating dance studio based in basingstoke, UK

Rebranding the company.
Redesigning the logo, responsive website and social media digital materials.
New mobile app with UI design and UX aspets (Production atage).
Designing printing materials such as business card, banners, posters, etc.

2016 till now

F2D UI / Responsive Web design

Freedom 2 dance approched me to redesign their website,
I went further and re-designed their brand, starting from their logo.
I redesigned their site based on new branding, prototyping and sitemap.
My challange was to keep some of the visual elements, such as color pink and photos while redesigning their Interface.
To resolve that I  added a new color, green, and use image collaging techniques to make the original images work.
As part of designing their UI, I did user testing, user reviews and surveys to find the best user  journey.
F2D website is responsive and I rebuilt it with the Wix platform.

Mobile version

Laptop & desktop version

UI design for F2D video app

The latest project is an app for Pupils of Freedon 2 dance studio. They can access to competitions, training videos and youtube selection.
In this app I managed to fully change their user interface and achieve simpler user path.
This project is in production stage at the moment.

Social media

Part of the rebranding proccess was redesigning their social media materials.
Below is a sample of my work for the facebook banner, from what it was to the new version.

Old version

New design

Rebranding and print materials

Redesigning the logo was and business card

Poster and banner design

I designed plenty of print materials after rebranding the company.
Below are some of the samples for their posters and banners.

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